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kitchen drawer and cabinet handles

Kitchen Handles

Please note, only a small selection of available handles are shown here.

Satin finish 'D' shape
Cast iron effect
Reeded effect
Oak knob
Satin nickel bar
Square cast iron
Flared bow
Nickel finish modern
Satin nickel finish
Cast iron knob
White porcelain
Matt finish nickel
Brushed finish nickel
Chrome square
Brushed bar
Flared iron
Pewter country
Cast iron flared
Brushed oval
Chrome wave

Kitchen drawer
and cabinet handles


A range of over 64 handles.


Chrome, brushed chrome, cast iron, pewter, wooden and porcelain finished handles to suit every kitchen.


Recommendations made at consultation stage regarding suitable handles for your kitchen design.


'Contactless' handles also available for smooth lines in your kitchen.


Computer generated visualisation of your preferred handle on your kitchen design.


A large sample of handles are available to view in our Peterborough and Ramsey showrooms.


Handles available supply and fit or supply only.